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Concerned about living in a building and not having control over other units?

The good news is your concern is just a fear, much goes into the planning and design of multi-unit buildings to prevent the spread of fire within a building and promote fire safety in patio home construction.  Among those preventive measures are fire resistant drywall, plywood / sheathing, and insulation.  In addition to these items, increased number of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are also utilized.

Fire Safety in Patio Home Construction

After construction is complete it is often difficult to see these measures.  We recently visited one of our projects and wanted to show you how we utilize fire rated roof sheathing that has been stamped and third party tested to withstand fires for up to 30 minutes.  This special sheathing is utilized on both the entire ridge of the roof but also on each dividing wall of respective units.  See below the difference in color between normal sheathing and fire retardant sheathing.

Patio Homes Louisville Kentucky Fire Safety in Patio Homes fire retardant roof sheathing


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