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Extra storage space, can you ever have enough of it?

The question of the day comes from a perspective patio home buyer.  When looking at floor plans, especially single story floor plans, extra storage space is sparse and many builders have to get creative to have enough of it.

So, is there a thing as too much storage space?  The simple answer is No.  No, however, is relative.  What is the footprint of the floor plan?  Are the necessities taken care of without interfering with the entertaining areas?  Are closets and pantries big enough to accommodate those living in the area?

A builder must ask themselves these questions to make sure the product they are delivering is received well by not only the homeowners but also their guests.

A creative way that High Bridge Development utilizes their floor plans to add extra space is to include pull-down stairs in their garages.  Space above garages often goes unused and is an excellent storage space for seasonal items such as holiday decor.

Here is an example of pull-down stairs:

Extra Storage Space

Pull Down Stairs